Con el tema "transport", disponemos de los siguientes contenidos:

Innovation and Transport Economics

mar/2017 | Research Group

[lis] The economics of innovation and technological development. Regional innovation systems. Transport economics. [flis]

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Energy Efficiency in Sea Transport

sep/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Energy efficiency improvement in sea ports. Emissions control in sea facilities. Energy efficiency in sea facilities. [flis]

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Uniform Law of International Trade: Electronic Dealing

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] International e-commerce. Electronification of documents for international travel. International buying and selling. International insurance, in particular maritime insurance. Multimodal...

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Transportation and Admiralty Law

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Maritime law. Transport law. [flis]

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OREL - Optimisation of Resources, Statistics, Transport and Logistics

jul/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Optimisation of resources and supply chain management Risk analysis. Approximation of distributions. Queue management. Inventory management. Management of distribution logistics systems...

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