Con el tema "microbiology", disponemos de los siguientes contenidos:

Biological and Enzymatic Reactors

sep/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Biodesulfurization and biofiltration of gaseous effluents Biotransformations of industrial interest to obtain compounds of value added. Optimisation of acetic fermentation processes...

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Contamination of Aquatic Systems

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Microbiology of aquatic systems. Renewable energy on marine environments Environmental assessment guidelines. [flis]

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Molecular Diagnosis in Clinical Microbiology

jun/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Molecular diagnosis of tuberculosis. Molecular study of the resistance to antibiotics in gram-negative bacteria. Hepatitis E infection in humans. Infection due to hepatitis C and G virus in...

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Applied Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

jun/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Study into genetic markers in marine populations, for its use in aquaculture: mapping of the genes that control quantitative characters (QTL) in aquatic species. Genomic characterisation and...

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Microbiology and Genetics Laboratory

oct/2011 | Laboratories / Technological Units

[lis] Growth and conservation of microorganisms. Detection of phytopathogenic fungi in different cultures. Study and description of phytopathogenic fungi in agriculture. Description of the...

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