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Innovation and Transport Economics

mar/2017 | Research Group

[lis] The economics of innovation and technological development. Regional innovation systems. Transport economics. [flis]

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Tourism research

sep/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Tourism schemes. [slis] Analysis of tourist establishments. Analysis of economic impact of tourism. Strategic planning. [fslis] Market analysis. [slis] Market demands: Market...

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University Group of Social Research (GUIS)

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Analysis of social situations of supossedly depressed areas. Analysis of health. Consolidation of new socio-economic indicators for social analyses. Special consideration of the...

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Study on the Usefulness of Accounting Information in the Context of Business Management

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Accounting information and the valuation of companies. Accounting information, management control and decision taking. Innovation in organisations. The social content in accounting...

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Territorial Globalisation and Dynamics

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Extroversion and spatial dynamics. Rural areas and endogenous development. Spatial organisation of activities. Regional economy. New migrations and the demographics of businesses. Fishing...

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