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Patrimonio Histórico Arqueológico en el Ámbito del Estrecho de Gibraltar: De la Prehistoria al Fin de la Antigüedad

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Diachronic study of practices of death and burial in the Strait of Gibraltar: from Prehistory to the Classical Period. Origin and development of town planning during Protohistory and the...

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Pelayo Quintero (Study of Roman Cádiz)

jul/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Historiography. Ceramics and archaeometry. The Roman Period. Urban archaeology. Archaeology of Cádiz and the province. Archaeology of the funerary world. Material culture. Cultural...

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Mediterranean Phoenix (the Protohistory of Western Andalusia)

jul/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Historical/archaeological process of Western Andalusia during Protohistoric times. Land in its productive, political and administrative dimension. Town planning. Material culture of Western...

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