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Innovation and Transport Economics

mar/2017 | Research Group

[lis] The economics of innovation and technological development. Regional innovation systems. Transport economics. [flis]

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Power in Modern Low Andalusia

aug/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Political control of the municipalities. The organisation of the council. Indoctrination by the Church in rural and city areas. Finance and credit mechanisms. The capital oligarchy. Trade...

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The Elite, Dignitaries and Working Class

jul/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Political and economical elite in contemporary Andalusia. Forms of bourgeois and popular sociability. Political ideologies and forms of collective action. Contemporary economic thinking...

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Andalusian Literary Theory

jul/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Andalusia’s cultural heritage: literary expressions, flamenco. Digital literature. Andalusian poetics and poetry in the 1950s. The figure of Eduardo Benot. The figure and era of Emilio...

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Mediterranean Phoenix (the Protohistory of Western Andalusia)

jul/2016 | Research Group

[lis] Historical/archaeological process of Western Andalusia during Protohistoric times. Land in its productive, political and administrative dimension. Town planning. Material culture of Western...

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