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A new vinegar macerated with fruits has good antioxidant properties

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Authors: Ramón Natera

The UCA research group: “Analytical chemical research in wine and vitiviniculture products” (AGR-122) has developed a new group of enological products - wine vinegars aromatized with various fruits. These special vinegars have a high content in polyphenols, which are substances that make them particularly beneficial for consumer health. They are looking for technical cooperation and license agreement.


The research group has developed a procedure for the production of vinegars macerated with different fruits, especially citric fruits and strawberries, based on wine vinegar. Researchers have optimized the conditions of maceration of the vinegar with the fruits by studying different quantities of fruit, temperatures and times of maceration. The effects of the maceration on the chemical composition, organoleptic and health-promoting qualities of the vinegar obtained have also been evaluated analytically and sensorially.

The fruits selected for this process are characterized by their high content in polyphenols, which enhance the notable antioxidant activity of the product. The key stage in the process, therefore, is the maceration. This increases the antioxidant power and introduces new aromas that endow the product with intriguing organoleptic sensations.

The importance of the polyphenol content of the product lies in the capacity of these compounds to increase the antioxidant power and thus confer on the finished product significant health-related properties, for the prevention of degenerative and cardiovascular diseases, cancer and atherosclerosis. Polyphenols also provide greater diversity and richness in volatile compounds, which translates into a product that is organoleptically more complete and complex, and that differentiates it from traditionally-produced vinegars.

This development will contribute to widening the range of commercially-viable products that vinegar producers may exploit, meeting current needs of the sector for product diversification and extending the choice for consumers among vinegars with novel and attractive properties.


  • The equipment needed is simple, easy to operate, and already existing in the companies that are traditional producers of vinegar.
  • Very little additional investment by the producer is necessary.
  • Products with enhanced antioxidant power are obtained. This attribute translates into a product with notably beneficial properties for consumers' health.
  • It offers the prospect of enological product diversification in a market saturated with traditional vinegars.
  • The product has excellent organoleptic qualities, and has been evaluated by a panel of tasters, experts in sensorial analysis.


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