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The Technology Transfer Office (OTRI) of the University of Cadiz is a research transfer unit integrated within the Vice-rectorate for Research and Transfer and the University and Enterprise General Management. Its main activities include managing, disseminating and transfering the University’s research results.

Promoted by the General Secretariat of the Spanish National Plan for R&D (Research and Development), OTRI was set up in 1988 in order to facilitate interrelations between the world of science and business - thus playing the role of the dynamic interface the Spanish Plan for R&D needed - and allow businesses to exploit the R&D capacities and research findings arising from the University’s research activities.

OTRI has also been entrusted with the tasks of establishing and managing the technical, scientific and artistic services the University’s researchers render to businesses and entities in the University’s external environment.

Therefore, it is worth pointing out that OTRI fulfils its role through the following main activities:


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Scientific, Technical and Artistic Services

OTRI provides technical support and consulting services for negotiation, as well as administration management of the research activities that are hired by the public and private sector.

Management of Industrial and Intellectual Property

OTRI fosters the protection of research findings not only through patent licensing but also through other forms of protection of industrial and intellectual property. The Unit also assists and collaborates in the patent application process, and manages all patent-related aspects after the patent is granted.

R&D Results Valorisation

OTRI will carry out all the activities that help add value to research results in order to develop them into tangible and commercially exploitable products which generate, in turn, returns for research activities.

Support to Collaborative R&D Projects with Businesses

OTRI encourages the participation of research groups in collaborative research projects, providing information about funding sources, guidelines for proposals and agreements for project participation.

Support to European Projects

OTRI promotes the participation of the University’s research groups in international R&D projects by providing information about financing sources and assisting in negotiation and preparation of proposals OTRI also facilitates project follow-up and management of the technical and economic aspects of projects.

Creation of Spin-off companies (Technology- and Humanities-based Companies)

Potential R&D results for technology transfer to the aforementioned spin-offs are identified. At the Office of Technology Transfer, Technology- and Humanities-based Companies born out of knowledge generated at the University of Cadiz are promoted by launching calls for entrepreneurial projects and ideas, and providing counselling and support.

Meeting the Business Sector Needs

The R&D capacities and the results arising from research activities carried out at the UCA allow OTRI to meet the needs of both the private and public sector.

Participation in Research Transfer Networks

Participation in research transfer networks allows to strengthen the UCA’s commitment to the development of the socio-economic and cultural fabric. Having a good understanding of all the aspects of our business environment - and particularly the industrial fabric one, its current situation, its technology needs and specialised training required in this field - is a key factor in the fulfilment of our role between the University and business sectors.

Search for Technology Transfer Opportunities

One of the various tasks of OTRI is to identify opportunities and attract financing sources to carry out the UCA’s R&D transfer activities.


OTRI is also involved in the dissemination of research results arising from the research activities done in our University which are aimed at the general public. Dissemination is carried out through mass media, conferences and all kinds of dissemination activities in collaboration with the UCA’s Communication and Marketing Department.

Design of the Scientific, Technological and Humanities Offer

Identification of R&D resources and results is carried out in order to meet the scientific, technological and cultural demands of the private and public sectors.

Support to ceiMar and ceiA3 Management Activities

This activity includes the support and counselling in the areas of management and knowledge transfer of the International Campus of Excellence of the Sea (ceiMar) and the Agri-food Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3).

Promotion of Knowledge Transfer

At OTRI, promotion of knowledge transfer is achieved through conferences, seminars, courses and active participation in science and technology fairs, as well as through the press, social networks and other information sources on the Internet.

In other words

OTRI is tasked with rendering services that strengthen the relationship between the University and the business sector, and is also committed to obtaining the economic returns from research results to upgrade the scientific and technical capacities of all UCA’s research groups.

Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

Strategic Transfer Plan for the University of Cádiz –PETRUCA.Ref. OTR-2011-0213.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Subprogram in Support of the Transfer Function in Research Centres included in the National Program for Technology Transfer, Fostering and Promotion of Technology-Based Companies (INNCIDE)


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