Laboratory of Soil Analysis (LABSOL)

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Prof. Ángel Sánchez Bellón

tel. (+34) 956 016 389

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  • Study of the components, and the physical, chemical and physiochemical properties of soils:
  • Soil texture analysis (wet sieve and dry sieve analysis).
  • Determination of the amount of active carbonates and lime in soils.
  • Determination of soil organic matter.
  • Calculation of the soil’s active and reserve acidity.
  • Electrical conductivity and salinity.
  • Base Saturation and Estimated Cation Exchange Capacity.
  • Nitrate nitrogen.
  • Determination of phosphorus and potassium readily available for uptake.
  • Determination of the C/N ratio.
  • Determination of soil water retention (pF-curve/soil moisture %).
  • Calculation of soil moisture content.
  • Determination of available water.
  • Soil density.
  • Determiantion of mineral concentrations.
  • Chemical properties of soils.
  • Optical and electron microscope (transmission, scanning and microanalysis) analysis of soil components.
  • Soil assessment, management and contamination studies:
  • Field sampling for soil profiling.

Capabilities and Resources

Laboratory’s own instrumentation

  • Sieve shakers for granulometry.
  • Robinson pipette.
  • Bouyoucus hydrometer.
  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Calcimeter (CO2- and mercury-saturated solutions).
  • Equipment for determination of soil pH in water and CIK).
  • Equipment for the determination of soil organic matter.
  • Soil saturation extract equipment (Buchner funnel, Kitasato flask and vacuum pump).
  • Equipment for the determination of Cation Exchange Capacity (slopes and exchange columns).
  • Instrumentation for the determination of the pF Soil Moisture curves (5 and 15 bar pressure plate extractors, compressor, pressure control panel and ceramic plates).
  • Equipment for measuring mobile components (nitrogen) in soil (precision balance, digestion unit fitted with temperature controller and fume extraction system, distillation apparatus and automatic steam distillation unit “ProNitro”).
  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Picnometer.
  • Sampling equipment: different types of gimlet, spade, hoe, surface soil sampler and undisturbed core sampler).
  • Drying stoves.
  • Rotary and rotatory shakers and magnetic stirrers.

Instrumentation made available by other laboratories:

  • Department of Earth Sciences:
    • Sieve shakers for granulometry.
    • Stack of sieves and screen cleaners.
    • Ultrasonic baths.
    • Thermostatic baths.
  • UCA Central Services of Science and Technology:
    • XRD (X-Ray Diffraction).
    • XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence).
    • Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy.
    • EDS Microanalysis.

Policies and Procedures

Both current UCA legal regulations and Regional/State law will be applied in all the stages of services provision. A quotation will be issued upon the request for any of the services offered.

The quotation approval entails the commitment to the provision of the requested service and the corresponding reporting based on the information obtained and/or the analyses performed.


Rates for analysis, data processing and report issuing are established taking into account staff hours, and use of laboratory consumables.

€ 83/staff hour


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Research Groups

AGR (3)  BIO (1)  CTS (34)  FQM (24)  HUM (49)  RNM (17)  SEJ (32)  TEP (22)  TIC (9) 

endorsed technical services

AGR (2)  BIO (1)  CTS (4)  FQM (5)  HUM (2)  RNM (12)  SEJ (1)  TEP (15)  TIC (5) 


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