Hydrology and Hydrogeology Studies

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Santiago García López

tel. (+34) 956 016 430


The laboratory offers consultancy services and advice on a variety of aspects of continental water such as:

  • Assessment of water resources such as surface and ground water. Management of climate time series, estimation of components of the hydrological cycle and water balance, spatially distributed models for climatic data, calculation of water discharge.
  • Inventory of wells and springs, design of sampling networks, and surface and ground water sampling campaign.
  • Hydrogeological and vulnerability mapping.
  • Application of isotope techniques (oxygen-18, deuterium and tritium) in the study of the behaviour of hydrologic systems.
  • Ground water studies: geometry, recharge, functioning and exploitation of aquifers.
  • Diagnosis and assessment of contamination of ground water and analysis of possible remediation options.
  • Elaboration of hydrogeological reports on capture and drainage works, effect of pumping and dumping, and environmental impact.
  • Study of the components and physical, chemical and physio-chemical properties of unsaturated zones -particularly the edaphic gradient- in collaboration with the Laboratory of Soil Analysis (LABSOL) of the University of Cadiz.
  • Application of remote sensing techniques to provide information on lithology and its alterations, quantify irrigated surface areas, estimate temperature and quality of water bodies, study of snow-and ice-melt sources of water and estimate crops evapotranspiration.
  • Estimation of flood peaks for different return periods and assessment of flooding areas.
  • Estimation of potential erosion, using parametric (USLE and MUSLE) and statistical (Fournier). Mapping of water erosion risk, and analysis of conservation measures and erosion mitigation.

Capabilities and Resources

The research group ‘Geosciences-University of Cadiz’ (RNM-373) belongs to the University’s Department of Earth Sciences and boasts a team of specialists who have 20 years of vast experience in a variety of aspects relating to continental waters. Besides the scientific equipment of the University’s Central Service of Science and Technology and other Units, the team’s facilities also include specific equipment such as:

Hydrology/Hydrogeology Equipment

  • Flowmeter.
  • Water level recorder (SEBA).
  • Double ring infiltrometer.
  • Permeameter (constant/variable).
  • 1-m long core barrel.
  • Electromagnetic sieve shaker.
  • Zeiss stereoscope.
  • Multiparametric probe.
  • Portable meters: conductivity (HI9033), temperature and pH (HI9095), dissolved oxygen (HI93732) and turbidity (HI 8733).


  • Visual Modflow: groundwater flow and transport modelling.
  • AqQA: management and representation of water chemistry data in diagrams.
  • HEC-RAS: Steady flow hydraulic modelling in channel flow analysis.
  • ArcGIS: Geographic Information System Viewer.
  • gvSIG/Sextante: free and open source Geographic Information System.

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Research Groups

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endorsed technical services

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