servicios centrales

Central Services

The Central Services of Support to Science & Technology and Health Sciences bring together facilities and infrastructure to serve not only UCA Research Groups but also businesses and entities outside the University.

instituos de investigacion

Research Institutes

UCA participation is achieved through its own Research Institutes, and Mixed and Inter-University Institutes which bring together research groups, facilities and resources to address the same subject area.

laboratorios / unidades tecnológicas

Laboratories/Technological Units

These are Units that provide entities outside the University with specific services.

servicios tecnicos homologados por la UCA

UCA Endorsed Technical Services

These are technical services (testing, expert reports, certifications, and analyses, etc.) which are offered to public and private entities outside the University by research staff and whose endorsement makes outsourcing agreement procedures easier.



It displays UCA patent portfolio with licenses that are available upon business's request.

grupos de investigacion

Research Groups

Research themes and contact details of UCA Research Groups are shown.


It sends your email, and we will inform to you into our new features

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