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Electrical Technologies for Sustainable and Renewable Energy (TESYR)


Fuel cells. Renewable energy. Energy savings. Wind energy. Hybrid generation systems.

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Intelligent System Modeling


Logic system modeling. Application of artificial neural networks to solve Engineering problems. Prediction model of environmental pollutants.

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Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology


Quality engineering. Industrial metrology. Materials forming processes. Intelligent manufacturing systems. Machining of strategic materials used in the aerospace industry. Aeronautical manufacturing processes. Analysis and evaluation of the...

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Biological and Enzymatic Reactors


Biodesulfurization and biofiltration of gaseous effluents Biotransformations of industrial interest to obtain compounds of value added. Optimisation of acetic fermentation processes.

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Surface Activity and Renewable Energy Resources


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Processing of New Materials Using Sol-Gel


Organic-inorganic hybrid aerogels with mechanical applications.

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Science and Engineering of Materials


Microstructural and compositional study of heteroepitaxial and nanostructures layers of semiconductors nitrides III-N (binary compounds and alloys ternary and quaternary) grown on SI, SIC and sapphire. Design and nano-microstructural...

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Analysis and Design of Processes with Supercritical Fluids


Generation and encapsulation of micro- and nanoparticles using supercritical fluids. Study of the phase equilibriums of solids and liquids with supercritical fluids. Design of supercritical extraction processes for obtaining products of winemaking...

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Technology of Materials


Fracture mechanics. Study of the optimal conditions for machining metal alloys and hybrid structures that have a strategic use in the aerospace industry, over CNC machines. Analysis of the surface quality and performance regarding the corrosion of...

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Knowledge Engineering and Innovation


Training methodologies. Knowledge engineering. Control engineering. Management of e-waste. Communication networks.

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