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Chemistry of Solids and Catalysis


Solid catalysts for transforming vegetable oils into high energy and environmental quality fuel (biodiesel). Catalytic production of hydrogen for use as a fuel in energy generators of low environmental impact ("fuel cells"). Catalysts for treating...

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Stability and Mechanism of Inorganic Reactions


Study of the solution behaviour of inorganic species.

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Physical Properties of Amorphous Solids


Amorphous semiconductors: structural, optical, electrical and calorimetric properties. Photo-induced pehnomena in photosensitive materials.

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Simulation, Characterisation and Evolution of Materials


HPHT and CVD diamonds characterisation. Photovoltaic solar cells. Study of water sorption of porous materials. Study and conservation of the artistic historic heritage. Scientific equipment design. Characterisation of suspended particles.

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Isolation, Structural Determination and Synthesis of Natural Products


Synthesis of natural products with biological activity. Isolation of natural products.

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Coordination Chemistry and Organometallics


Synthesis, characterisation and study of the chemical reactivity of transition metal compounds for the activation of small molecules and C-C and C-H bonds, etc., with applications in isomerisation, circulation and polymerisation processes, and in...

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Bifurcation Theory and Dynamical Systems


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E.S.T.I.O. (Statistics and Operation Research)


Probability distributions. Stochastic ordering constraints. Survival analysis. Techniques for the exploratory analysis of data. Mathematical programming.

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Implementation and Environmental Sciences


Food quality and safety control. Electrochemical and structural characterisation of ceramic composite materials. Application of chemiometric techniques to electroanalytical and spectroscopic data. Application of different analytical techniques to...

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Geometry, Operators and Series in a Banach Space


Mathematical analysis: history. Sequence spaces associated to a series in a banach space.

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