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Oceanography and Coastal Contamination


Nutrient, carbon and greenhouse gas cycles in coastal systems. Characterisation and simulation of chemical processes in estuaries. Environmental behaviour in organic compounds and heavy metals. Environmental quality of aquatic systems.

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Radioactivity and Environment


Applications of Uranium and Thorium series and anthropogenic radionuclides as tracers in the environmental problems. Groundwater geochemistry. Behaviour of long-lived isotopes of the U-Th series in extreme acidic conditions of the acid mine drainage...

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Physical Oceanography: Dynamics


Marine environment. Marine dynamics and meteorology. Dynamics of bays and estuaries. Hydrodynamics of the straits. Remote sensing.

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Marine and Fishery Biology


Nutrition of marine animals and application in aquaculture. Biodiversity (including molecular systematic studies) and conservation of marine ecosystems. Biology of reproduction in marine animals. Environmental impact assessment in coastal systems...

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Structure and Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems


Biological oceanography. Biogeochemical cycles (C, N, P) in aquatic systems. Limnology of reservoirs, wetlands and lakes. Structure of planktonic and benthic communities.

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Physiology and Pathology in Aquaculture


Endocrine control of fish reproduction. Biological rhythms of fishes. Osmoregulatory mechanisms in teolost fish: general and applied aspects. Correlation between osmoregulation and energy metabolism: application to growth processes. Stress in...

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Marine Geochemistry


Methodology of the environmental analysis of sub- and ultra-metallic traces. Monitorisation of physical and chemical parameters in environmental samples. Environmental impact on marine aquaculture. Speciation of heavy metals in aquatic ecosystems...

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Dynamics of Fish Populations


Dynamics of fish populations. Fisheries on the South Atlantic Iberian coast. Selectivity of fish traps.

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Geodesy and Geophysic


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Coastal and Marine Geology and Geophysics


Sedimentary processes in continental margins. Sedimentology and geochemistry of marine systems. Geohabitats. Geomorphology of coastal and oceanic systems. Paleoclimate. Coastal erosion processes. Paleoceanography. Tectonic processes in continental...

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