Catalogue of Endorsed Technical Services

These are technical services (testing, expert reports, certifications, and analyses, etc.) which are offered to public and private entities outside the University by research staff and whose endorsement makes outsourcing agreement procedures easier.

Metrología de superficies

Juan María González Leal

El servicio está orientado a todos aquellos profesionales que necesiten resultados de metrología de superficies, principalmente relacionadas con la conformación y/o el mecanizado de materiales (moldeado, corte), tratamientos superficiales (ataques...

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Nanoscale Research Into Nanoparticulate Materials

Prof José Juan Calvino Gámez

The goal of this Technical Service is the study of nanomaterials by electron microscopy, focusing on nanoparticle-based materials. The Service’s main interests include texture, chemical, nano-scale analytical and nanostructural characterisation of...

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Sample Design, Web-Based Surveys and Data Analysis

Manuel Muñoz Márquez

Data analysis. Web-based survey administration. Process automation in survey analysis. Data filtering, tabulation and storage. Questionnaire design, questionnaire validation. Sample design. Sample size definition. Data mining. Development of...

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Simulation, Characterisation and Evolution of Materials

Concepción Fernández Lorenzo

Study of the physicochemical properties of materials (metals, semiconductors, ceramics, paintings, etc.) using instrumental and computational techniques. Characterisation of chemical composition (both elemental and molecular), detection and...

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Surface Characterisation Services

Ginesa Blanco Montilla

Physicochemical characterisation of solid material surfaces: Determination of specific surfaces, porosity and pore size distribution in the mesoporosity range. Studies of adsorption/desorption of gas species on surfaces. Dispersion measurements of...

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