Catalogue of Endorsed Technical Services

These are technical services (testing, expert reports, certifications, and analyses, etc.) which are offered to public and private entities outside the University by research staff and whose endorsement makes outsourcing agreement procedures easier.

Laboratorio de Análisis de Suelos

Ángel Sánchez Bellón

Elaboración de informes basados en: • Estudio de los componentes y de las propiedades físicas, químicas y físico-químicas de los suelos. • Determinación de la clase textural de suelo (vía seca y húmeda). • Determinación del contenido en carbonatos y...

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Día de control sedimentológico y medición de cántara a bordo de draga

Juan José Muñoz Pérez

Control y vigilancia del proceso de dragado de sedimento arenoso del fondo del mar, 24h a bordo, cubicación, control de posición en dragado y vertido, análisis granulométricos, inspección del sedimento y emisión de partes diarios.

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Supervisión y asesoramiento del proyecto, ejecución y control de obras marítimas

Juan José Muñoz Pérez

Corrección y redacción de documentos relacionados con el proyecto de obras marítimas Control y asesoramiento de la ejecución de obras marítimas Emisión de los respectivos informes

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Analysis of Physiological Processes of Teleost Fish: Applications in Aquaculture

Juan Miguel Mancera Romero

The services portfolio includes the analysis of the physiological aspects involved in processes which are of great importance in aquaculture (growth, reproduction, stress, metabolism, osmoregulation, etc.). The Service offers analyses on species of...

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Chemical Analysis

Carlos Moreno Aguilar

Chemical analysis of inorganic compounds in solid and liquid samples. Collection and treatment of samples by applying methodologies that ensure the samples will not be altered. Interpretation of analytical results. Advice both before and after the...

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Description of the distribution and behaviour of synthetic organic contaminants in aquatic systems

Eduardo González Mazo

Implementation of field sampling and laboratory simulation experiments that reveal the distribution and behaviour of synthetic organic contaminants in aquatic systems. Identification and quantification of organic contaminants that are regulated and...

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Laboratory of Systems and Materials for Solar Energy

Javier Navas Pineda

Macroscopic determination of solar cell efficiencies. Photovoltaic solar cell characterization, IV characterization, recombination parameters, etc. Superficial mapping of photovoltaic surfaces, at selected wavelengths, with micrometric spatial...

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Nuclear Spectrometry

Melquiades Casas Ruiz

Sample preparation for gamma spectrometry. Determination of activity concentration of radionuclides 235U, 226Ra, 212Pb, 214Pb, 7Be, 208Tl, 214Bi, 137Cs, 212Bi, 228Ac, 228Th, 40K, 60Co, 234Th, and 210Pb by gamma spectrometry . Sample preparation for...

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Precise Geodetic Positioning, Georeferencing and GIS

Manuel Berrocoso Domínguez

Precise Pont Positioning. Design and development of GNSS/GPS geodetic networks Cartographic source georeferencing. Design and development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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Sedimentological Analyses and Topographic Studies

Giorgio Anfuso Melfi

Implementation of granulometry and calcimetry tests, and determination of the organic material content. Topographic surveys carried out using a theodolite and/or a total station. Data treatment (morphometric and volume calculations).

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