International Campus of Excellence of the Sea, CEI-MAR

Oficina de Coordinación del Campus de Excelencia Internacional del Mar, CEI-Mar

Centro Andaluz de Ciencia y Tecnología Marinas

Campus Universitario de Puerto Real

Avda. República Árabe Saharaui, s/n

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The University of Cadiz (UCA), as lead institution, together with the University of Huelva (UHU), University of Malaga (UMA), University of Granada (UGR), University of Almeria (UAL) and institutions and bodies that also promote and collaborate in the Project aim at developing CEI·MAR as a world-renowned Campus for teaching and studies related to the marine environment and a space that brings all the branches of science, engineering and the humanities together.

The goal of CEI·MAR is to become a common meeting and collaboration space for researchers and institutions. CEI·MAR was created thanks to the strong support of the area’s business sector, mainly the naval construction, aquaculture and materials behaviour-related businesses. Moreover, promotion of the CEI·MAR-society relationship entails an overall change in the society CEI·MAR is part of. To this end, collaborating efforts made by the city councils, and both local and regional governments in general are vital.


  • To develop the marine science and technology through the partnering and cooperation of teachers, researchers, managers and students of the universities and institutions that participate in the International Campus of Excellence.
  • To create a strong Science-Technology-Business System; one which provides a space for new technologies and knowledge in the marine science, as well as knowledge transfer into the marine field, in order to boost competitiveness and economic development in the territories where CEI·MAR is located.
  • To commit to innovation in the training processes and exploitation of the latest technologies in teaching thus providing a more appealing and comprehensive teaching offer in the areas of sea knowledge.
  • To attract, retain and integrate both national and international student talents, researchers and teachers working in all areas of marine sciences.
  • To build up new support structures for higher education and professional training through the establishment of a collaborative network of universities, occupational training centres and business in order to contribute to the availability of well-trained and highly qualified human capital.
  • To integrate all the distinctive capabilities of the institutions brought together in the Campus thus building a cross-border network of teaching, research, technology transfer, heritage preservation, and the advancement of social and cultural values in all areas related to the sea.
  • To create an International Research and Transfer Centre for the Sea that allows to bring together and coordinate CEI·MAR’s activities, management units, and its unique centres and scientific infrastructure.
  • To consolidate CEI·MAR as a world-renowned Campus that is unique in the south of Europe: CEI·MAR is located in the territory which covers the Mediterranean Sea-Atlantic Ocean nexus and the Europe-Africa interface, and fulfils the role of a marine sciences-related cooperation link with other continents as well.
  • To favour the sustainable development of the territories in which CEI·MAR is located through the development of science and technology that allow the consolidation of the marine sector, as well as the creation of businesses in emerging marine-related sectors.
  • To provide new management models capable of integrating environmental protection and economic objectives thus addressing the challenges that sustainable development poses to today’s society.
  • To develop social model that integrates well in the Campus and guarantees the transmission of sustainability and cultural values.

culture (16)  education (17)  energy (14)  health (14)  history (22)  language (12)  law (14)  literature (15)  sea (18)  social (11) 

Research Groups

AGR (3)  BIO (1)  CTS (34)  FQM (24)  HUM (49)  RNM (17)  SEJ (32)  TEP (22)  TIC (9) 

endorsed technical services

AGR (2)  BIO (1)  CTS (4)  FQM (5)  HUM (2)  RNM (12)  SEJ (1)  TEP (15)  TIC (5) 


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